Three Ways Teachers Can Learn What Families Know and Do

Learn Indirectly What Families Know and Do

Neighborhood Walks

Parent Leaders shared their knowledge of the local neighborhood by mapping routes for researchers to follow. On these neighborhood walks, researchers took photographs of the buildings, physical environments, and natural landscapes that were familiar to children.

Culturally-Rooted Stories

Parents and staff wrote beautiful personal story books to be used as good start activities in their children’s classrooms. The books also include guides for teachers for HSC and STE integration.

Excerpts from Culturally-Rooted Stories

These books were created jointly by Head Start parents, staff, and the RISE team, to represent familiar family activities, routines, objects or cultural events. When children see something familiar to them (e.g., familiar routines, home languages, stories from home), they connect more readily to the topic at hand, and t feel a sense of belonging as a member of the classroom community.

Teacher’s Guide at The End of Each Book

At the end of each book is a guide for teachers to use to connect home and community information to

STE frameworks to support connected, deepened, and extended STE learning experiences.

The RISE Home-to-School Approach