Joint Activities

Co-constructed STE Explorations

1. “Discovery Walk”

In Program A, parents and teachers wanted to create an activity that they could do together with their children. Their big idea was a “Carrera de observación” – discovery walk!

They worked in smaller groups to think about the possible routes for the discovery walk and things that could be collected and observed during the walk.

During the walk, parents and teachers split into 3 teams and explored three different areas of the neighborhood. They explored the landmarks, bilingual signs, and plants in the community that children saw in their everyday lives.

After the discovery walk, parents, teachers, and children created maps to describe their explorations. During the map-making activity, parents and teachers shared the roles to facilitate the creation of the maps.

2. “Ramps and Blocks”

Consistent with what children were doing in their classrooms, parents and teachers were divided into groups and instructed to build a stable structure. They discussed vocabulary that could come from this activity, and how these concepts translated into Spanish vocabulary.

3. Three STE Activities Across Home and School

Parents shared STE activities that were happening in their homes. Three small groups came up with three different STE activities that could build on what they were already doing at home, and discussed ideas for how they could do these activities in their children’s classrooms.

Activity 1 – “Sink and Float”

In Program B, parents and teachers wanted to compare objects that sink or float. They planned to use straws of various types to experiment with propelling air to make floating objects move. This elicited a discussion about childhood experiences with a specific cultural tool (view video below).

Activity 2 – “Our House Using Recyclables”

One group in Program B thought about how they could use recyclable materials such as serving bowls, cups or popsicle sticks to do science activities with their children at home. They decided to build a house that has water pipes, furniture, and windows. During the construction of the house, parents and teachers talked about different roof structures and their function in China (view videos below).

Activity 3 – “Making Parachutes”

Parents and teachers in Program B built parachutes using different types of materials that they typically carry around with them, and then tested them together, discussing how they could do this activity with the children at home or school.