Teacher Resources: Sound and Music

GET - Laura - Caden playing guitar - wide

Music is an integral part of most cultures.  Music can have deep meaning behind music as well as providing a historical information of a group of people.  Sound is the essence of music, making these two concepts go hand in hand.  Throughout a unit on sound and music, discoveries around the physical sciences (waves and their application to technology) through the Cross-Cutting Concepts of patterns, cause & effect, scale, proportion & quantity, energy and matter, and structure & function.

Volume – Pitch – Duration Resource

This classroom poster offers a basic reminder of the aspects of music to emphasize with children as well as definition:  Volume, Pitch and Duration.

Sound Cards

These handheld picture cards are great to support children’s observation of sound inside and outside of school.   Providing children with something tangible and visual can engage and focus them, supporting multiple styles of learning.  Simply print and cut.