RISE Professional Development

Our professional development approach introduces specific ways to support children’s learning through the design of inquiry-based, connected sets of learning experiences that incorporate children’s out-of-school lives in meaningful ways.

The three RISE PD components are:


  • WORKSHOPS –A series of full day meetings, distributed across the school year, enable teachers to work with the RISE team to expand understanding of the STE domains, learn about children’s stages of knowledge, and develop strategies for implementing inquiry-based, conceptually-connected, culturally- and community-relevant sets of learning activities.


  • INDIVIDUAL COACHING –During bi-weekly visits, a RISE coach models inquiry-based STE practice and partners with teachers in a reflective cycle that involves teacher self-reflection on instructional practice, goal setting for improvement, and implementation of teaching activities that serve as an object of reflection for coach and teacher together.


  • PROFESSIONAL LEARNING COMMUNITIES –These monthly peer network meetings, in which teachers engage in reflection, help teachers hone their STE practices, deepen their understanding of student learning, and contribute to sustainability of teachers’ gains over time.
“ The RISE professional development (PD) approach is informed by research on effective PD demonstrating that changing classroom instruction requires practice-based, individualized, ongoing support”
LEFT: RISE teachers engaging in professional development days gaining greater understanding of the science frameworks and how they might look in the classroom.
BELOW: RISE teachers sharing their STE thoughts and experiences during PLCs providing further opportunities for them to learn from one another.