Teacher Resources: Plants

As the seasons change, there is a lot to notice outside in relation to stability and change.  Digging deeper, planting offers opportunities to experience the plant cycle, learn how to care for living things and understand where food comes from.   The frameworks come to life as children explore Life Sciences (from molecules to organisms, ecosystems and heredity) through all of the Cross Cutting Concepts; patterns, cause & effect, scale, proportion & quantity, structure & function, system & system models, energy & matter, and stability & change.

How to Plant a Seed – Visual Sequence

Similar to a recipe card, this visual sequence provides the steps with pictures to follow when planting seeds.  Provide these cards to children to support independence in exploration along with literacy awareness.

STE Connections Making a Salad

After making our own salad, the RISE participants reflected on all of the STE learning opportunities that occurred.  See the examples they discovered in relation to the Cross-Cutting Concepts and Science & Engineering Practices.

Home→School Sheets and Question of the Day (QOTD)

A variety of Home→School sheets and QOTDs were developed by the RISE team during this unit.  Each focus on a specific idea that then generates information from the families to use in a relatable way in your curriculum.  Parents can fill them out at home with their child or during drop off or pick up.

Plants Where I Live

Discover indoor and outdoor plants that children are familiar with and explore ways in which families transfer water to their plants.

Plants at My Home

Discover the array of plants children are familiar with and the ways in which they care for these plants.

Fruits and Vegetables in My Home

Learn about the fruits and vegetables that families typically eat.  These can then become examples to use during a unit.

My Favorite Fruit (QOTD)

Similar to sheet above focusing on individual children’s favorite fruits in a QOTD format.

Name a Fruit that Your Family Enjoys

Similar to sheet above with a slightly different format.

How Do I Eat Apples at Home?

Discover various ways families enjoy a particular food item to support exploring a fruit as well as expanding upon the cause & effect along with the structure & function while cooking.

My Family’s Favorite Food Dish

Whether this activity sheet is used during a plant unit or another time of year to learn more about families, the information gathered can support the cause and effect relation of how foods change when cooked.

Home→School Activity Sheets and QOTDs that extend experiences during units on plants:

What does your family use to clean up spilled water? (QOTD)

Spills happen.  Knowing what is familiar to children in regard to how they clean up spills at home can support exploring the absorption.

Finding Water in My Home

Where does water come from in our house and where do we find it in general? This sheet can support exploring the many uses water has in our everyday lives through the format of a scavenger hunt.

How I Use Water in My Home

Similar to the sheet above in a slightly different format.

Pipes in My Home

Exploring how water moves throughout our homes is an opportunity to explore system and system processes in a relatable way.

When it is raining outside, I use this to stay dry

Connecting to the idea of water absorption, this sheet can relate familiar materials.