We Have Grown


In September of 2017, the RISE program entered its second phase.  In efforts to take our work to the next level, we enlisted the help of 34 randomly selected Head Start teachers from 20 locations.  These teachers represent a wide range of experience and understanding of STE.  The locations also reflect the diversity across the Boston area.

The number of coaches also grew, each supporting 6 to 7 of our teachers.  The work between teachers and coaches is guided by a co-construction model. Teachers and coaches work together as equal partners to create best practices and quality curriculum to positively affect children’s learning. This relationship is based on mutual respect, trust, equilateral roles, and validation of each of our expertise.

By viewing the  classroom through the lens of STE curriculum,  we work together to set goals for the classroom that build a teacher’s confidence in STE curriculum and appreciation for how STE is truly everywhere!

“ RISE focuses on preschool teachers and children pursuing explanations for how the world works (science – S) and solutions to problems (technology and engineering – T & E). ”