Cynthia Parker MEd

Lead Coach

The RISE Project is a powerful learning experience for both teachers and coaches.  Co-constructing with teachers to build STE knowledge as well discover ways to integrate the Home to School truly shows that science is all around us and the we can embrace it in so many real ways.  The amazing people that I have worked with have touched my life both professionally and personally.

Barbara Garvin-Kester Ed.D


I have learned so much from my RISE teachers and I have enjoyed every minute of our time together co-constructing STEM intentional learning plans and exploring ways to make clear home to school connections that have brought us all closer to the families and children we serve.  This has been one of the most enjoyable experiences I have ever had working with early childhood educators and I hope to maintain our collegial relationships as we all grow and expand our professional careers

Ellen Andrick MEd


RISE is more an opportunity to strengthen and really deepen the STE connections and also layer in this aspect of home to school connection. We are helping teachers recognize what they already do in the classroom and putting a science name on it.  It has been really gratifying for me to see that evolution with the teachers I coached in just becoming more confident and comfortable with STE.

Carmen Lopes MEd


RISE gave me the space to use all my strengths to encourage the strong abilities of the teachers in my group. RISE has liberated me to have the freedom to assent in all occasions influencing STE learning.