Teacher Resources: Health and Safety

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Health and safety are important aspects of each and everyday.  We need to make sure children understand the rules and expectations so that we ensure a safe and enriching learning environment.  These health and safety concepts are filled with STE potential which provide children the opportunity to gain an understanding of why the rules and expectations where created.  The result is greater follow through by children once they are able to make this connection.

Connect – Deepen – Extend:  Health and Safety Webs

Teaching children the key life skills of health and safety supports establishing a successful classroom routine.  In doing so, there are many elements of the frameworks that may be reinforced.  Each of the webs below shows how teaching one skill can be connected – deepened – extended to go from a single activity to an entire unit as well as highlighting the science frameworks connections.  Focus points include hand washing, crossing the street, fire drills, mealtimes and using toys safely.

Patterns All Around Us – Story

This simple story made from photos in one school’s neighborhood represents how science frameworks can be captured in your environment providing relevant examples for children.

Traffic Sign Scavenger Hunt

This scavenger hunt showing a variety of traffic signs will allow you to take the learning outside of the classroom and into the real world.  By finding traffic signs in the environment, children gain a deeper understanding of their structure and function.