Teacher Resources: Color, Light and Shadows

Color and Light - Maria - Elbow - color bottle exploration Stephenson

Colors are a popular curriculum concept for many classrooms.  Often, they are taught in isolation of other content areas.  However, color exists due to the reflection of light on objects, making for wonderful STE opportunities. Another natural extension includes shadows as children learn that shadows are the result of light being blocked.  Framework opportunities within this unit may include Physical Sciences (matter and interaction), Earth Sciences (the sun and shadows) through the exploration of the Cross-Cutting Concepts of patterns, cause & effect, scale, proportion & quantity and stability & change.

Shadow and Light Exploration Handout

This 1-page handout has been adapted from an article by the University of Northern Iowa Regents’ Center for Early Developmental Education in Cedar Falls Iowa.  The handout summarizes the developmental stages that children progress through as they learn to understand shadows along with key points to support children’s exploration with light and shadow.

Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

This scavenger hunt can be done as a group or individually, depending on the age and ability of your children.  It supports children’s observation skills as they search to find matches to the colors on the page.  This is a great tool that can be used almost anywhere: in the classroom, on the playground or during a neighborhood walk.